August 16, 2018

Hi Guys!

Thank you for your hard work to get my bathroom together.  Looks awesome!

I'm sure I will be enjoying the tub and shower.  Just Beautiful!

Thanks again!  I LOVE MY BATHROOM

Have a great day!



December 2018


I can hardly express our thanks for your very kind and generous gift  You and your crew have worked tirelessly for many months now, getting Daly Co-op in shape.  Also, with your generous spirit, you have helped several members with fixes and upgrades that make thier units that more liveable.

We have been blessed by our association with you and your company.  And with your gift, many more members will be helped.  The board has decided to distribute gift cards for groceries and gas, flowers for all members in hospital, all those thing that make life just a little more bearable.

Our heartfelt thanks,

Willian A Selkirk for Daly Co-op


My greatest friend,

Thanks a lot for everything.  You are truly the best, second to none.  You' re very much loved by just about everyone, including us.

May the Lord keep you well today, tomorrow and forever.


Louise & Emilio